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A Commercial Roof Replacement Involves Several Steps To Complete

Membrane roofing can last for many years when it's taken good care of, but you'll need to get a new roof at some point. When the roof has many patches, and it's starting to wear down, it's best to have the roof replaced before it starts leaking and causes property damage. Here are some important aspects of getting a commercial roof replacement done.

Consult With A Commercial Roofer

The first step in a commercial roof replacement is to make a plan for the work with a roofing contractor. You'll need to decide on the type of roofing membrane you want to get, and you'll need to agree on how to install the new roof with the least disruption to your operation.

Prepare For Moving HVAC Equipment

If your building has HVAC equipment sitting on the roof, you'll need to talk to your contractor about how it will get moved. If the roofer doesn't move the equipment, you may need to bring in an HVAC contractor, and you or the roofer needs to coordinate that and have a plan for as little downtime as possible for the equipment.

Check The Roof For Moisture Damage

It's important to check the roof for moisture damage before putting a new membrane on the deck. Moisture damage shouldn't be covered up or the new roof won't last as long as it should. If there is moisture damage, the roofer will probably need to replace the water-damaged part of the roof before proceeding with the roof replacement.

Apply The Roofing Membrane

Membrane roofing is installed in different ways depending on the type of membrane you get. Rubber membranes are joined together with fasteners and adhesive. PVC membranes are joined together with fasteners and heat welding.

No matter what type of membrane you choose for your commercial roof replacement, sections of the roofing have to be seamed together since the membranes aren't wide enough or long enough to cover the roof completely unless they join together.

Joining the seams is a critical part of a commercial roof replacement because when the seams bond properly, rain can't get underneath the membrane. Loose seams leak, and that can cause water damage to your building.

Set Up A Maintenance Plan

Once your commercial roof replacement is complete, talk to your roofer about how to maintain the membrane so it has a long life. Your roofer can inspect it on schedule and provide you with documents showing the condition of the roof. This allows you to monitor the health of your roofing over time and anticipate when it will be time for another roof replacement in several years.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a commercial roof replacement service near you.

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