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Roofing Issues You Might Encounter Due To Poor Flashing

Like every other part of your roof, the flashing plays a major role in ensuring your roof serves you at its best. Its main use is to protect the prone parts of your roof, namely joints and seams, from damage by water. However, although it is made of strong material, the flashing is not entirely invulnerable to damage. Over time, it wears down due to constant changes in temperature, which can lead to various roofing problems. If you see any of the issues listed below, look for immediate roof repair services.

You May Notice Signs of Billowing

Billowing problems should be addressed at once before they escalate and cause your roof to get blown off. This issue occurs when a big part of the membrane has come off and begun to flap with the wind. Some of the reasons behind billowing include a neglected roof and poorly installed flashing. In most cases, the detached membrane has to be cut off to prevent more membrane from detaching. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of leaks in your home. Fortunately, the roofer will resolve this problem effectively.

Your Roof Might Get Blown Off

If the billowing issue is not addressed in time, your roof will likely get blown off. This commonly happens during strong winds that rip off part of the roof. As a result, your roof's membrane is no longer puncture-resistant and may break free from the roof's substrate at any moment. You can only avoid this problem through maintenance or rectifying flashing installation errors. Additionally, you should avoid using adhesive products that do not cure fast. Again, this is an issue that a roof repair service provider can rectify.

You will Have Tenting Problems

When your roof's membrane dimensions are shorter than they need to be, the situation becomes irreversible. This results in what is referred to as tenting, which also causes an added force on the flashing. Consequently, the seams could rapture. It is a roofing issue that you need to address as soon as possible before a rupture occurs and lets water into your home.

Tenting is usually notable by the dry spots under the flashing. It would be important to contact a residential roofer once you see this so they can get the situation under control. Usually, the shortened parts have to be cut to allow drying. The roofer will then apply bitumen to cover the area.

To avoid the flashing problems mentioned above, always let a professional roofer handle the installations. This way you'll be able to save money and time.

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