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How Asphalt Shingles Are Created

Shingles are the material responsible for making a roof resistant to rain, strong winds, and other elements. Even the least expensive types of shingles, such as asphalt shingles, are designed to be highly durable and take a beating for years. You might wonder how shingles are made in the first place.

The Preparation of the Asphalt

The asphalt coating is made using limestone. A mill crushes the limestone into a fine powder. The powder can then be mixed with asphalt and used to create a coating that will protect the shingle and your roof. The powder is applied to fiberglass mats on an assembly line to keep the cost of producing the asphalt shingles very low.

The filler coating that holds the shingles together is superheated before the crushed limestone and asphalt are applied to the shingles. 

The Application of the Sealant

The granules that have been mined from rock have ceramic applied to them and a coating is then applied to change the color of the granules. Sand and a press are used to embed the granules into the asphalt to hold them in place so they can protect the shingle and your roof by extension. The sheet is heated and then cooled with a spritz of water. By applying the sealant, the shingle will then be more protected from the wind.

The Installation of the Shingles by a Roofing Contractor

Once the shingles have been created, you will need to hire a roofing contractor to install them so that they will be able to effectively protect your roof. If you do not hire a roofing contractor, and the shingles are not installed properly, your roof is more likely to leak and the shingles are also more likely to be blown off in a storm.

How a Roofing Contractor Keeps Your Shingles Functional and Beautiful

A roofing contractor will make sure that your starter shingles are installed to effectively protect your eaves from water and wind. You will need to have the shingles nailed down properly so that they do not blow off in the wind.

You must also make sure that the shingles are aligned properly to make sure that they will be more resistant to the wind. If your shingles are installed too high or low, this will affect the aesthetics of your roof. You will want your roof to not only be beautiful but functional as well. For more info, contact a commercial roofing service near you.

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