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How A Roof Repair Contractor Fixes A Leak Around A Roof Boot

If you have a leak in your roof but you don't see any missing or damaged shingles, don't forget to check the boot around the plumbing vent. These are usually made of rubber or neoprene, and they can crack after many years of sun, wind, and hail. Here's how a roof repair contractor might deal with a bad roof boot.

Put A Rubber Cap Over The Boot

If the leak is in the boot rather than the flashing that's adhered to the roof, a simple solution is to put a rubber cap or cover over the boot and pipe. This slides down the pipe and has a tight fit so rain can't leak through. The cap goes over the top of the old boot, so the old boot can stay in place and be protected by the new cap.

The roof repair contractor will also check the flashing against the roof to make sure it's still secure. They might add a little sealant around the edges just to be sure.

Replace The Rubber Boot And Flashing

The exact type of flashing and boot you have depends on the age of your roof and boot. If your roof is old, it might have a rubber boot and metal flashing. If your roof is newer, it may have a neoprene or plastic boot and flashing. This is often sold as a single piece so there is no need to add extra metal flashing to the vent pipe.

The roof repair contractor can pull up the old boot and flashing and then slide on the new part. If your roof is old and has an old boot, your roofer may upgrade it to one with new materials so the new boot will last a long time. New boots and flashing also come in colors such as brown and gray so they'll match your roofing much better and blend in with the rest of the roof.

Repair Damage Caused By The Leak

If the roof repair contractor replaces the boot and flashing, they need to remove the shingles in the area first. When the shingles are off, the underlayment and deck are exposed. The roofer can then determine if the deck has moisture damage due to the leak.

If so, the wet area needs to be cut out and replaced with new plywood. The dry plywood is then covered in underlayment and the area is ready to have new shingles installed. The roof repair contractor may not think new shingles are needed if the old ones are in good shape and can be reused.

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