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Why Did Your Shingle Roof Wear Out So Quickly?

Shingle roofs are usually rated for a certain timeframe. For example, you might have a 30-year roof or a 20-year roof installed. So what if your roof has not yet reached its expected lifespan, but it's already damaged and in need of being replaced? In this case, you should go ahead and have the roof replaced, but you also want to look into the conditions that lead to your roof's accelerated deterioration. If you change them, then your new roof is likely to last longer.

Here are some common conditions that can cause shingle roofs to wear out too quickly.

Shade From Trees

Having a tree overhanging your roof is not a good thing. The tree may trap moisture against the roof, which can cause the shingles to deteriorate faster than usual. The tree may also have a branch that scrapes against the roof, removing granules from the shingles. Granules protect the shingles, and without them, your shingles will break down faster than usual. To ensure your new roof lasts longer, have this tree trimmed back extensively, or consider having it removed.

Poor Ventilation

Your attic should be ventilated. This way, hot air can escape from the vents, which keeps the roof itself from getting too warm. If your attic does not have enough ventilation, the roof will stay warm for longer than it should, which can cause the shingles to warp, crack, and peel. Your roofer can look at your attic ventilation setup when they are replacing your roof. If they determine you need more vents, they can add some soffit vents under the eaves or perhaps a long ridge vent along the peak of the roof.

Inadequate Insulation

Another possibility is that your attic is not well insulated. This is particularly an issue in areas that receive a lot of snow. The roof will get warm near the peak, and the snow in that area will melt. Since the edges of the roof stay cooler, the water will re-freeze into ice there. Over time, ice dams form. They work their way under the edges of shingles, leading to deterioration and leaks. A roofer may recommend adding more insulation to your attic to protect your new roof.

If your shingle roof has worn out prematurely, the best short-term solution is to replace it. But don't forget to also evaluate the reasons why your roof wore out in the first place.

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