Roofers: They're Number One

Wondering Why Metal Roofing Is Becoming So Popular? Important Factors Homeowners May Want To Consider

Once reserved mostly for farm or commercial roofing needs, metal roofing is now one of the most popular materials used for residential housing, even in heavily populated subdivision settings. Homeowners who are not yet familiar with metal roofing may find themselves wondering about its growing popularity and whether they should consider using it for their home's roofing needs. If you are one of these curious homeowners, the following information will help you understand some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of metal roofing. 

Growing Array of Styles and Colors ​

Even builders who knew of the durability offered by metal roofing were unable to consider using the product because its appearance was less attractive than other roofing materials, like wooden shakes, clay tiles, or composite shingles. Over the past few years, however, metal roofing manufacturers have added many new styles and colors of metal roofing. In fact, metal roofing is now available that closely resembles other popular roofing materials, making it far more acceptable for use in most housing developments. 

Ease and Speed of Installation​

Another factor that often endears metal roofing to homeowners and roofing installation contractors alike is the ease of installation the product offers. In fact, for homes where there are no underlying structural problems with the roof or supporting structure, metal roofing can often be installed directly over the existing shingles or other roofing material. In addition to speeding up the process of installation, metal roofing installation that does not require the removal of existing shingles or roofing materials also means less site cleaning to remove discarded shingles, roofing nails, and other debris. 

Long-Lasting Good Looks and Reflectivity​ 

Homeowners also appreciate the fact that modern metal roofing products use high-performance coatings capable of retaining their beauty without fading or developing an unattractive chalky appearance. Unlike shingles, which are subject to stains and sun fade, metal roofing materials resist common signs of aging. Additionally, metal roofing is available with reflective coatings that can help homeowners reduce energy bills for heating and cooling, especially in climates where temperatures are often extreme. 

Easy to Completely Recycle, If Damaged​

While metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing materials, many homeowners also appreciate the fact that it is completely recyclable. Should damage occur that requires one or more sections of metal roofing to be replaced, the damaged sections can be sent to recyclers who melt the metal and prepare it to be shaped into new roofing or other metal products. 

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Roofers: They're Number One

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