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2 Reasons You Should Have A Professional Install Gutter Guards Instead Of Doing It Yourself

After getting tired of having to clean out your gutters multiple times a year because of many large trees in your yard, you may have started looking into putting guards on them to keep the leaves and other debris out. Because the installation seems easy, you may be thinking about buying the guards and putting them on yourself.

However, although the installation itself is fairly straightforward, there are nuances to the process that you could miss if you decide to do it yourself. Instead, consider the reasons why you should hire a professional to install the gutter guards for you.

1.  They Can Ensure That No Spaces Are Left Between the Guards and Gutters

One reason why you should have a professional install your home's new gutter guards instead of doing it yourself is that you may inadvertently leave spaces between the guards and gutters. If gaps are left where they should not be, they will allow debris to pass through the guards, which could negate the point of getting them installed in the first place.

However, if someone with experience does the job for you, they can ensure that there are no spaces. Especially if the guards do not fit perfectly at first, they have the knowledge on how to position them properly to make sure they fit securely and evenly to leave no gaps.

2.  They Can Check to Make Sure the Pitch of the Gutters Is Correct Before Installation

Another reason you should seriously consider having a professional perform the installation is that they can check the pitch of the gutters beforehand. Even if you perfectly place the guards on your gutters, if they are not pitched correctly so that the water runs toward the spouts, you will still have problems with debris collection and water overflow.

However, when you have them installed by a professional, they can check the pitch before putting the guards on. If needed, they will be able to adjust the gutters to ensure that water drains properly.

While the installation process may seem simple enough to do yourself, placing guards on your gutters will not serve their full function if there are spaces and gaps in the seams between the gutters and guards. Also, if the gutters themselves are not pitched properly so that they can drain, the guards will not do much good. Instead of attempting to install them yourself, click here or contact a roofer that offers gutter guard installation services to see about having a professional put them on for you.

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