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4 Reasons To Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

Are you planning to get a siding replacement? If so, you likely have decided on a siding material. Perhaps you are like many other homeowners and see the various benefits vinyl siding offers. You may have already made your decision and even know what color your siding will be. You could benefit more from your home improvement project by considering insulated vinyl siding. This option will give you all of the things that have influenced your decision up to this point and more. The following points identify extra perks you can expect by choosing insulated siding.

Noise Reduction

If you live in a neighborhood that is notorious for outdoor noises from community gatherings, children at play, lawnmowers running, dogs barking, or a nearby busy roadway, you might be used to the noise. However, if you would like to experience reduced noise, insulated siding can help. The insulation serves as a noise buffer. It reduces the noises from outdoors and can also keep indoor noises from disturbing the neighbors.

Improves Durability

Insulated vinyl siding improves the durability of vinyl material. The insulative backing offers additional support. Traditional vinyl siding is installed over building materials, and there is a gap between the siding and structure. However, insulation puts a contact barrier between the siding and the structure, which makes the siding more durable. Although traditional vinyl siding is amazingly strong, it might be susceptible to high impact due to there not being support underneath it to serve as a shock absorber. The insulation acts as an absorber and is made of foam to provide optimal protection against high-impact forces such as hail, airborne rocks, or a flying baseball

Energy Efficiency

If your goal is to have good energy efficiency, opting for insulated siding can improve those efforts. The insulation will provide enhanced protection year-round. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your home's current insulation is enough. Insulation may get damaged and not be able to perform as intended. Sometimes standard wall insulation has gaps in between that allow energy to seep out. This results in energy losses that may not be evident but can add up over time. Think of insulated siding as an additional barrier to what is already in place. 

Deters Pests

A key feature of vinyl is that it is not a material that pests such as termites and carpenter ants are attracted to. The insulated vinyl option will offer more protection to underlying building materials. Most manufacturers treat their insulative materials with insecticides that deter wood-eating pests. 

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