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Looking To Have Your Commercial Roof Cleaned? Important Questions To Ask A Commercial Roofing Contractor Prior To Hiring Them

Spring is nearly upon us, and for many commercial building owners, it is time to clean up the exterior of their buildings. Snow, rain, and wind can all leave a roof looking dirty and faded. Moisture may have also been sitting on your roof, which can lead to algae or moss growth. A commercial roofing contractor can help you to clean your roof, but not every contractor offers the same cleaning services. Here are three important questions to ask prior to hiring a commercial roofer for cleaning services to help you find the best contractor for your needs. 

Do You Offer Pressure Washing or Soft Washing Roof Cleaning Services? 

One of the first questions you want to ask a commercial roofing contractor is whether they offer pressure washing or soft washing when it comes to cleaning a commercial roof. If you have a hard roof surface, such as a metal roof or concrete tiles, pressure washing may be a great option for your roof. If you have softer roofing materials installed, such as membranes, rubber roofing, modified bitumen, or BUR roofing, your roof should be soft-washed. Not every roofing contractor has the equipment to offer both cleaning options, so ask which option or options they offer and ensure it is ideal for the type of commercial roofing you have. 

Do You Offer Before or After Traditional Business Hours Cleaning Services? 

Another question that you should consider asking a commercial roofing contractor prior to hiring them to clean your commercial roof is whether they offer cleaning services at odd hours. As a commercial building owner, you likely do not want your commercial roof cleaned during traditional business hours. Customers can get wet, and the cleaning process can make walkways and sidewalks slick. Try to find a contractor who can clean your roof prior to office hours, after office hours, or on the weekend. 

What Cleaning Agents Do You Use to Clean Commercial Roofs? 

The final question that you should ask a commercial roofing contractor is what cleaning agents they use to clean commercial roofs. Bleach-based cleaning products are the most commonly used product to clean roofs. However, bleach-based products can kill landscaping and are not environmentally friendly. As such, you may wish to find a contractor that uses green cleaning products when possible. 

There are many differences in how a commercial roof is cleaned, including whether it is pressure washed or soft-washed, and what cleaning products a commercial roofing contractor uses to clean the roof. Asking specific questions, such as the three listed above, can help you hone in on the commercial roofer who is best suited to handle your commercial roof cleaning project.  

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