Roofers: They're Number One

Protect Yourself And Your Home: Why You Need A Roof Replacement

If you've been postponing the replacement of your roof because it's not in the budget right now, you might want to reconsider that decision. There's nothing wrong with postponing a replacement when your roof is structurally sound. However, when your roof is giving you some problems, you can put yourself at risk for additional issues by postponing the replacement. Read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described below, you need to talk to a contractor about replacing your roof right away. 

Your Insurance Refuses Coverage

If your roof has extensive damage, and you haven't planned for the replacement yet, you could run into problems with your insurance company. You might not realize this, but failure to replace your roof could cause your insurance company to refuse the renewal of your policy. Not only that, but if you're shopping for a new policy, you could have a problem replacing your current policy. To help you avoid issues with your insurance coverage, be sure to replace your roof as soon as possible. 

Your Home Needs Some Updates

If your home is in need of updates, don't overlook your roof. Issues with your roof can carry over into other aspects of your home. For instance, an outdated roof can lead to higher energy bills. It also increases your risk for moisture damage, wood rot, and property value depreciation. Luckily, those issues can be avoided by replacing your roof before larger problems arise. 

Your HOA Is Sending Letters

If you live in a planned community, you have certain guidelines that you must abide by. Some of those guidelines relate to the condition of your home. For instance, you might be required to take care of repairs in a timely manner. If you've received letters from the HOA regarding the condition of your roof, now's the time to contact a roofing contractor. A replacement roof will stop the harassing letters and improve your home's curbside appeal. 

Your Roofing Is a Hazard

If your roof has become a safety risk, you need to plan for a replacement as soon as possible. You might not realize this, but roofing hazards can put your family and your home at risk. This is especially true where outdated roofing material is concerned. For instance, some wood shake shingles present a fire hazard for your home. First, the dry wood can cause fire to spread across your home. Second, the shake shingles can come loose and land on nearby homes. To reduce the risk, have your current roof replaced immediately. 

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Roofers: They're Number One

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