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4 Valuable Things To Expect If You Choose Architectural Shingles For A Roof Replacement

Do you need a roof replacement? If so, you are likely thinking about the cost and want the project to be cost as little as possible. Perhaps you are considering the type of shingles that you will use for the new roof. You may be tempted to get the cheapest available. However, investing in high-quality shingles could mean that you pay more upfront to get a roof that will last longer than if you opt for a cheaper grade. Architectural shingles are considered top quality and the following points highlight some of their key features. 

Fire Retardant

House fires can do irreparable damage. Shingles are assigned ratings that determine their fire protection classification. Architectural shingles are among the highest-rated roofing materials. Their composition ensures that they do not burn quickly. A home can get engulfed by flames in a short period of time. You can have peace of mind by opting for a roofing material that has the potential to protect you against a total loss from a fire. Some lower-grade shingles offer outstanding protection against the elements but do not offer the same fire protection as architectural shingles.

Noise Reduction

Your roof replacement project will afford you the opportunity to consider the things you want to improve. Perhaps outside noises are bothersome, and they might occur daily if you live in a home that is near a busy roadway. The noise levels might be more bothersome if you have young children and dogs in your neighborhood. Architectural shingles have an asphalt base that has insulative effects and acts as a noise buffer. 

Wind Resistant

Wind resistance measures the rates of speed that roofing materials can tolerate. If the wind speed exceeds the resistance rate of a roofing material, there is a high probability of blow-offs occurring. Architectural shingles offer high wind resistance value to consumers. This can protect against storm damage during high wind events and make homes safer. 

Various Design Choices

Perhaps you want to change the appearance of your roof. There are a variety of architectural shingle styles. If the color of the new roofing materials is important, you will appreciate that this roofing material also is available in many colors.

A roofer is a good resource to use to compare shingles. They can help you identify the best solution based on your preferences and budget. Keep in mind that opting for higher quality shingles and proper roof maintenance will likely result in a longer-lasting roof. 

For more information on a roof replacement, contact a professional near you.

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