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What Do Roofers Check For During A Wind Resistance Inspection?

If you live in an area with high winds, then you'd be wise to ensure your roof has good wind resistance. Doing so will not only help prevent roof damage during a big storm, but it may also lower your homeowners insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge less to insure homes with strong roofs! The best way to tell whether your roof has adequate wind protection is to have a roofer come take a look. They can conduct what's known as a wind resistance inspection, or a wind mitigation inspection. Here are the key things they'll look at during that inspection.

Roof-to-Wall Connections

The way your roof is connected to your walls plays a huge role in determining how wind resistant the roof is. A roof that is unattached from even one of the wall support beams could possibly blow right off the home if the wind catches it the right way. As such, during the wind inspection, your roofer will determine how well the roof is connected to the walls. If some connections are weak or missing, they may recommend having hurricane clamps or hurricane straps added. These straps serve as an extra point of connection between the roof and walls, greatly improving your wind resistance.

Water Barrier 

Did you know that a lot of wind damage is actually damaged to the interior of the home? If a high wind blows off some roofing materials, then moisture can enter your home, causing substantial damage. This is why water barriers are examined as a part of a wind inspection. The roofer will check whether there is a consistent, waterproof underlayment under your shingles, tile, or metal roof. If your home does not have this barrier, then you'll need to have one added the next time your roof is replaced. It's not usually worth removing an intact roof to add this water barrier.


Skylights aren't often recommended in areas with high winds, but if your home has a skylight, your roofer will examine it closely during a wind inspection. Are the flashing and weatherstripping around it secure? Does the skylight have shatter-resistant glass? If the roofer thinks the skylight is not sturdy and secure, they can generally recommend small changes or repairs that will make it more wind-resistant.

Your roofer might check a few other things during their wind resistance inspection, but the elements above are the key ones. These inspections are important to ensure you and your home are safe during a storm

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