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Residential Roofing Repairs You May Need for Missing or Damaged Asphalt Shingles

No matter what kind of residential roof you have, it will probably need to have repairs done at some point. Storms, raccoons, and swaying tree branches are all hard on roofing. Asphalt shingle roofs often have problems with the shingles falling off or cracking. Here's how residential roofing repairs might be done when the shingles on your roof are damaged or missing.

New Shingles Can Replace the Old Ones

An advantage of asphalt shingles is they are easy to replace. This makes roof repairs easier to keep up with. Shingles overlap each other, so putting on a new shingle involves lifting the shingle above so the new shingle can be slid under it and nailed in place. A residential roofing repair contractor may need to replace shingles that have been blown off or damaged so badly that they can't be repaired.

Curled Edges Can Be Glued Down

If your attic ventilation can't keep your roof cool enough, you might notice the ends of shingles curling up due to the heat. As long as the shingles are still in good shape, the roofer might fix this problem by applying adhesive to the ends of the shingles and pressing them flat. They might need to put a weight on the shingles to hold them flat while the adhesive cures.

More Granules Can Be Added

The granules on asphalt shingles are shedding constantly. The older your roof is, the fewer granules there are to protect the roof from UV damage. Sometimes, a storm or blowing tree branches can scrape off even more granules.

Since granules are important for protecting your roof, the roofer might want to replace shingles that are nearly bald. However, if the shingles are in good shape otherwise, they might use adhesive to apply another layer of granules on top of the affected shingles. This helps the bald shingles have a longer life.

Damaged Shingles Can Be Repaired

Some types of shingle damage can be repaired. Blisters and cracks might be repairable, but things like hail bruises and torn shingles might not be. Your roofing repair contractor can decide if damaged shingles can be replaced or repaired. Filling cracks and holes from blisters is a matter of putting roofing cement over them and then applying some granules in the cement before it dries. This seals the crack or hole so it won't leak, and the granules protect the adhesive from UV damage.

Residential roofing repairs often involve working on shingles, but keep in mind, flashing can develop leaks too. Your roofing contractor makes sure damaged areas are located so all repairs can be done to keep your roof from leaking.

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