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Should Your Hire Residential Roofing Services For Solar Fan Installation?

If your geographical area primarily experiences tropical climatic conditions, you are likely keenly aware of how hit the interiors of your home can become, more so during a heatwave. Thus, you could be thinking that the only solution to these sweltering conditions is by having your HVAC system running night and day. But this is not the case. A more energy-efficient solution to consider would be enlisting solar fan installation services. As the name suggests, residential roofers will come and set up a solar-powered fan into your roof's cavity to facilitate the removal of hot air from your home. Keep reading to discern whether you should hire residential roofing services for solar fan installation.

How Do Solar Fans Operate?

Solar fans are outfitted with photovoltaic cells that function to absorb energy from the sun. When ambient temperatures rise, the hot air in your home rises towards the roof, and this can get trapped in the roof cavity of your home if there is inadequate ventilation. If the hot air is not eliminated, it has a warming effect on the entire home, which results in increased reliance on your HVAC system. Solar fans address this issue by drawing out all the hot air that rises to the top of your home. Hence, there is an all-around cooling effect on the property.

What Advantages Do Solar Fans Provide?

Unquestionably, the leading benefit of enlisting residential roofing services for solar fan installation is the fact that these appliances do not consume any energy. Therefore, while you will have to pay for acquisition and installation costs, you will not have to worry about additional energy bills. In addition to this, solar fans will dramatically elevate the energy efficiency of your home. By keeping your home cool, you will use your HVAC system less. Thus, you get to enjoy cost savings without having to compromise on your comfort. It is also worth noting that having solar roofing fans in your home can help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system too, as this system will experience less usage.

Will One Solar Fan Be Adequate for Your Roof?

Before you purchase solar fans for your home, the roofing contractors need to inspect your structure to determine the number of solar fans you would require. That being said, the pitch of your roof will influence the number of solar fans that would be sufficient for your needs. Structures with a low roof pitch can get away with a singular solar fan since the roofing cavity is not as expansive as that of structures with a higher pitch.

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