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Residential Roofing: 4 Crucial Preventative Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Knowing how to care for your roof is essential in enhancing its longevity and appearance. Proper care and maintenance enable you to catch roofing problems before they worsen and cause massive damage to your home. Regardless of your roof type, there are various approaches you can take to ensure that your roof lasts for a long time. Here are a few maintenance tips you should know about. 

Trim Any Overhanging Branches

One way to prevent roof damage is to trim your trees regularly. Low-hanging branches can scratch your roof's outer protective layer. A compromised protective lawyer will cause water to seep into the underlying membrane. Additionally, the large branches hanging over your roof can push your tiles and loosen them during windy weather. So trim branches that seem overgrown and ensure that they are six feet away from the roof.

Check for Irregularities on the Shingles

Shingles shield your home against inclement weather. To ensure that your shingles serve you optimally, inspect them from time to time and fix any irregularities. For instance, you should check for broken or missing shingles during the inspection. Also, examine the soffits and fascia for signs of damage and the attic for water stains. If there're moldy areas, call an experienced roofer to help you with remediation and repair of broken parts.

Examine the Roof for Storm Damage

Your roof might suffer some destruction after experiencing inclement weather like hail, rain, or strong winds. If you don't address these issues on time, they will escalate and bring about more devastating issues. Therefore, hiring a roofing professional for a storm damage inspection and repair saves your costly repairs and untimely roof replacement down the road. 

Keep the Gutters Clear at All Times

A critical roof maintenance practice you shouldn't overlook is cleaning your gutters. When your gutter system fills with debris, rainwater won't drain off adequately, causing water to pool on the roof. Eventually, this will lead to roof sagging and rot on the roof fascia. So, ensure that the roofing contractor inspects and clears the gutters during the regular roof maintenance appointments. Moreover, you can add gutter guards if the debris fills up too fast. 

Roof maintenance is critical to the life of your roofing system. While you can perform practices like trimming trees, it's best to seek the help of an experienced roofing professional in your roof maintenance exercises. In addition to identifying imperfections, your roofer will solve them professionally. 

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