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An Overview Of How An Old Metal Roof Is Replaced

If you bought an old home with a neglected metal roof, you may need to replace the roof rather than waste time and money trying to repair it. A roofer can let you know if the metal roof can be saved or not. If not, you'll need a roof replacement. Here are some steps involved in this type of residential roof replacement.

Tear Off The Old Metal Panels 

It's possible to put new metal roofing panels over old metal roofing, and you and your roofing contractor can discuss if this is a suitable idea. If the old roof was neglected for years, there's a good chance it will need to come off. The roofer can save panels for recycling that aren't rusted too bad and haul off all of the debris. In addition to tearing off the metal roofing panels, the roofer needs to pull off old underlayment if it hasn't all deteriorated yet.

Inspect The Deck And Support Structure

One important reason for tearing off old neglected roofing is so the roofer can check the deck thoroughly for water damage and rotting. If areas of the OSB board or plywood are rotted, the roofer needs to cut them away and put in new boards. With the metal roofing off, the roofer can see the support structure of the roof better. If any part is damaged or rotted, it needs to be replaced too.

If the metal roof was many decades old, it's possible building codes have changed since the roof was put on. If so, the roofer may need to add more support to the roof to meet current codes.

Add Metal Roof Panels

Once the deck of the roof is ready, the roofer can apply underlayment to it. The underlayment is a waterproof sheet that protects the deck from rain. It's easy to apply since it sticks to the roof and the roofer can unroll it, press it to the roof, and cut it to fit. The underlayment lasts for many years, but it may not last as long as the roof. This is one reason an old metal roof might have a higher risk of leaking and causing water damage to the deck.

When the underlayment is in place, the roofer can start putting on the metal panels and attaching them with screws. Metal panels may need to be bent and trimmed along the edges, and they need to overlap. An important part of this kind of residential roof replacement is making sure the screws aren't too loose or screwed in too tightly or rain might leak in around the rubber washers given time.

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