Roofers: They're Number One

Roof Services: Areas A Roofer Concentrates On During Routine Inspection

The reason roofers advise homeowners to keep an eye on their roofs is so that they can promptly catch any abnormalities. Once you notice an irregularity, you should contact a professional roofer for comprehensive inspections and repairs where necessary. The recommended inspection frequency is once a year and after a storm. You are also required to do the same when looking to sell your home. The roofer checks the interior and exterior areas for damage as part of the process. Take a deeper dive into what exactly roofers look out for.

They Check If the Caulking and Flashings Are Still Intact

The flashing connects your roof to your house. Its main purpose is to ensure that water runs down your roof instead of seeping into your home. On the other hand, caulking is a sealant that keeps any openings made by nails airtight to prevent any possibility of a water leak. Given how vital they are and their life expectancy, a roofer has to ensure that these parts are doing their job effectively.

They Ensure the Pipe Boots Are Not Cracked

A cracked pipe boot is well-known for causing leaks. This comes about when the synthetic rubber around the pipe cracks due to the fluctuating weather, eventually causing a leak. Even before the roofer inspects these components, you will notice some marks on your walls or ceiling. Additionally, some shingles will be damaged, particularly those near the pipe boots. If the problems are caught in time, the pipe boots can be repaired. But if there are signs of rotting, the vents have to be replaced.

They Will Clear Any Debris

Over time, all manner of debris settles on your roof. Most times, you will find leaves and small branches. However, you can also find other stuff, especially after strong winds. In addition, the debris may become a hindrance to rainwater if your roof is not cleared. As a result, your roof becomes vulnerable to water damage.

Some of the leaves may also end up in the downspout, resulting in a blockage. This causes the gutters not to drain water as they should, leading to moisture problems in the basement. Therefore, the roofer needs to clear your roof of any debris during a roof inspection.

A roof inspection is a responsibility to which you need to adhere. It is important to have your roof checked for the above issues regardless of its age. This ensures that issues are caught and fixed in time. 

For more information, contact a local roofing company.

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Roofers: They're Number One

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