Roofers: They're Number One

4 Things To Know Before DIY Roof Repair

Shingled roofs do not last forever. Unfortunately, shingles become fragile with age, and this means that you might need to replace them. Often, people do not realize that they need to take care of their roof until something happens, like a storm wipes out some of the shingles, for instance.

No matter the reason why you want to assess your roof for damaged shingles, it is important that you have a roofer on your side. A roofing company can take care of this for you much more easily than you will likely be able to.

1. Know the Safety Issues 

One thing you need to know is that even fixing damaged shingles can be dangerous. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional to manage these steps. Even if you have read about DIYing your shingle repair, you should know that there is no replacement for somebody with roofing expertise.

Additionally, repairing the roof requires some special equipment. You will need safe shoes for getting on the roof as well as a harness if you have a particularly steep roof.

2. Know When Shingles Can Be Fixed

There are some instances when shingles require replacement, but knowing when a simple repair will do the job can be quite helpful. Shingles that are torn off or that have curled edges may be fixed, but it can often be difficult to determine when this is a good idea. For instance, you may find that replacing the shingles is a better idea if most shingles seem to have problems.

3. Know When to Fix or Replace Shingles

Not every day is a good day to get on the roof, especially if you are trying to do it yourself. You should only get on the roof on a dry day, and it's better to choose a warm day over a cold day. You'll have an easier time maneuvering the shingles when it is warm outside. Just make sure there is some cloud cover.

4. Know That You Don't Have to DIY Your Roof

Finally, remember that you don't have to do this on your own. Roofing can be dangerous, and it's also something that requires skill. Even if you have done some minor repairs in the past, you may find that calling in a professional roofing company to offer some guidance is the best idea. It may even protect your roof from future damage.

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Roofers: They're Number One

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