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How Animals Like Rats And Raccoons Damage Your Roof And Lead To The Need For Prompt Repairs

While storms are a common reason your roof could need repairs, other things could cause damage to the shingles or deck too. Something that could cause damage any season of the year is an animal such as a raccoon or rat. Raccoons and rats are drawn to your attic for warmth and food, so you have to be on constant guard against the pests. Here are some roof repairs your home might need due to animal damage.

Replace Fascia Boards

It's fairly common for animals to gnaw holes through the fascia and soffit boards. These run alongside the gutters and are easily water-damaged. That makes them weak and rotted so they're easy to gnaw through. Plus, insects can invade the rotted wood, and that attracts birds and animals too.

If you notice holes or rotted areas in the fascia boards, call a roofer to make repairs. Rats, in particular, leave a scent behind that attracts other rats. So plugging the hole and washing away the scent is important or rats may keep coming to the hole. In the case of rotted boards, the roofer may need to tear out the rotted boards and put them in dry, solid wood so rats stay out of your attic.

Replace Missing Shingles

Raccoons are good at using their paws to tear up your roofing. They can lift shingles and even tear them from your roof. If a shingle is already loose, a raccoon might be attracted to it and finish tearing it off. If you notice loose, crooked, or missing shingles, have a roofer replace them and look under the shingles to see if there is any roof damage. A rat or raccoon might move shingles out of the way so they can gnaw through the deck to get inside your attic.

Find And Block Holes

If you have roof rats or raccoons in your attic, you know they have to be getting in your roof somehow. You may need to hire a roofer to look for holes in your roof so they can be patched. Since rats tend to follow trails, most of them may use the same hole, so there may only be a few holes to patch up. The roofer might use metal plates or steel wool to patch the holes so the animals are less likely to gnaw through again.

Holes made by raccoons can be quite large. You might even see a big raccoon hole on the roof from the ground. These big holes let in rain and other animals, so sealing them is important for keeping rain and pests out of your attic. While you may never need to have roof repair done for animal damage, it's important to know how animal pests can damage your roof so you recognize the damage and get quick repairs when they're needed. 

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