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4 Amazing Advantages Of Spanish Tile Roofing

Tile roofing has been around for ages and is associated with many advantages. Despite an initially high installation cost, Spanish Tile Roofing has become popular in Southeast and Southwest parts of America. They are fancied in regions with hot climates like Florida and California.

Tiles are made from concrete, slate, or fired clay and are appropriate for Spanish-style homes, Mediterranean-inspired structures, or the popular Southwest style. Tile roofing also suits building with stone or brick walls. Kindly note that the initial installation cost is higher than the cost incurred while installing wood shake, asphalt shingle, and metal roofs.

Spanish tiles differ from other tiles based on their perfect S-shape. They also do not have pans and covers like Mission-style barrel tiles. The shape uniformity makes them hard to install and demands a certified and experienced roofer to handle them.

Here are four advantages of Spanish Tile Roofing.

Versatile and aesthetic appeal

Spanish tiles come in varied colors and styles. You are free to select textures and color tones that bring the best aesthetic appeal to your property. There are scored tiles, weathered patterns, and smooth textures ready to add beauty to your home. Choose the traditional terracotta for a ripple effect on your roof. Alternatively, you can purchase patterned Spanish tiles for your roof to stand out or go for darker shades if you live in cold environments.


The need for Spanish Tile Roof Repair is low because they resist rust, pests, and insects. This ability makes it a durable roofing solution. This type of roof also resists salt air corrosion prominent in coastal regions making Spanish tile the best choice if you live near a coastline. Additionally, the tiles are impact resistant making them a reliable shield during heavy winds and hail storms. Tile has a long lifespan and might be the only roof you install on your house.

Fire and heat resistant

Spanish tiles are fire resistant making them a good roof in case of a fire outbreak. Additionally, the tiles reflect solar radiation during hot seasons to keep you cool. They also conserve the heat in your house when the season becomes unbearable, reducing your air conditioning bills.

Environmentally friendly and long-run savings

Spanish Tile Roofing materials are made from natural materials. These materials are recyclable, making this roofing solution an eco-friendly choice. If you love Mother Nature, go for tiled roofs.

Please note that Spanish tiles make a perfect roof in dry climates with little moisture. The tiles can withstand hurricane winds, hail storms, and extreme heat.

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