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Upgrading Your Home's Interior With A New Fireplace

The installation of a fireplace is an upgrade that can make your home more comfortable as well as potentially increase its resale value. Despite these benefits, this can still be a major upgrade to make that will require careful planning on the part of the homeowner.

The New Fireplace Should Be Installed In An Area That Is Away From The Thermostat

When you are assessing the areas where you are wanting to install the fireplace, it is wise to avoid placing this near the thermostat for the HVAC system. Placing the fireplace in this area could dramatically increase the chances of the thermostat being unable to effectively measure the temperature in the home. If this were to occur, it may cause the rest of the home to become significantly cooler when the fireplace is being used as it will cause the thermostat to read the temperature as being much higher than it actually is.

You Should Consider The Types Of Safety Features That You Want To Be Included In The New Fireplace

Safety is another important concern whenever you are looking to install a new fireplace in your home. Modern fireplaces can include a number of different safety features that you may want to have in your home. One of the more basic types of protection will be the use of a glass cover that can prevent embers from being thrown into the home's interior as the fire crackles and pops. Some of these fireplaces may also be designed with additional vents that can further reduce the risk of excess carbon monoxide making it into the home's interior.

Have A Designated Area For Storing The Firewood That The Fireplace Will Use

If you have opted for a wood-burning fireplace, you will need a plan for where you will store the firewood that the fireplace will need. In many cases, individuals will fail to adequately consider this need, which can lead to them having to store their firewood in an area that is less than ideal. More specifically, this could contribute to the firewood degrading more quickly due to being exposed to rain and other elements. However, it could also increase the risk of termite problems due to the wood rotting and attracting these pests. Ideally, you should store the firewood under an awning or other cover that can shield it from the rain. Furthermore, you may want to keep the firewood fairly far from the home so that it will be less likely to create pest problems for the house.

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