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What You Need To Know About Storm Damage On Your Roof

Rainy days come and go, and as long as you are protected, you probably do not give much thought to your roof. However, ignoring your roof after a storm can be detrimental. Essentially, storm damages are gradual, so keeping a keen eye after every storm is the only sure way to avoid surprises. This article will show what storm damage looks like, what the consequences of the damages are, and offer some storm-damage roof repair solutions.

What Storm Damage Looks Like

As mentioned, inspections after every storm are the only way to prevent major roofing damages. The extent of the damages is attributed to the severity of the storms. For example, hailstorms are the worst, especially if the hailstones are the size of a softball, since they have the greatest impact. The effects are strong enough to misplace the shingles and tear your roof's membrane. If your roof is flat, there will also be a pool of water. You should seek urgent storm damage repair services when this happens, before the roofing material starts decaying, thereby resulting in leaks. When the roofing expert comes for checkups, they are likely to spot some missing shingles too. This can happen if a hailstorm or strong winds accompany the storms. Hailstorms may strip your shingles of their protective granules, while strong winds can pull the shingles off. You also have bruising and cracking of shingles. Bruises cause the roofing material to soften up and lead to a leak. An experienced roofer should also look into cracks caused by the heavy impact of hailstones.

The Consequences of Roof Damage

As soon as your roofer notices the above damages, it is time for storm-damage roofing repair services. Otherwise, your roof's durability will be in jeopardy due to the weakening of the roofing materials. Also, your roof may not stand the next storm as well. This also means your roof's life span will be affected by the storm damage. Lastly, your roof may not be as appealing as it used to be.

Roofing Repair Solutions

First, your roofer will replace the missing and damaged shingles. In case of water pooling, your roofer will use a siphoning machine to eliminate the water from your roof, including the drains and gutters. Finally, storm-damage roofing repair involves sealing any openings and crawlspaces created by the storm.

While no one is ever happy about the costs of storm damages, ignoring them does not help either. The smart thing to do is to hire a storm-damage roofing repair service to prevent more severe problems in the future. For more information, contact a roof repair service, such as T-Town Roofing.

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