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Four Different Ways Trees Can Damage Your Roof And Lead To Roof Repairs

One of the best things that you can do for your roof is to trim trees back away from the roof. Trimming your trees back so they do not hang over your roof can prevent you from needing repairs that are caused specifically by this issue. Here are four different ways trees can damage your roof and lead to you needing more roof repairs. 

Branches Swaying Over Your Roof

When a tree is hanging above the roof, the branches of the tree may sway back and forth on a windy day. If you have a roofing material like asphalt shingles or plastic or rubber membranes, this swaying can start to wear the roofing material out. This can weaken the roofing material or even cause it to split, rip, or tear. Once the roofing material has been weakened, a roofing repair will be needed to replace the damaged materials. 

Leaves Clogging the Gutters

Another problem that can be caused by trees hanging over your roof is leaves that clog the gutter. Your gutter plays an important role in protecting the foundation and siding of your home. But, if gutters are filled with leaves, water may not flow through the gutter channels, and instead, may overflow. Water can be sitting against your eaves or the roof itself. This can lead to rot and damage. Roof repairs may be needed simply because your gutters were clogged. 

Acidic Bird Droppings Wearing Out Your Roofing Material

If a tree is hanging over your roof, there is a good chance that birds are sitting in those overhanging limbs. In turn, they may poop and cover your roof in bird droppings. Bird droppings not only look bad on your roof, but they can cause damage as well. Bird droppings are acidic and can weaken or even eat through some roofing materials. As such, you want to discourage birds from being near your roof. 

Tree Limbs Falling Off With Strong Wind Gusts

Lastly, you may need major roof repairs if a large tree limb falls off of a tree and onto your roof. Trimming back trees helps to keep tree limbs away from your roof, and in turn, ensures that if a limb falls from the tree due to a major storm, it won't be anywhere near your roof. 

If you have trees that are hanging over your roof, you may increase the frequency in which you need roof repairs, simply because of damage that a tree can do to your roof. Trimming the trees back can help to reduce repairs to a roof while also helping to keep your gutters in better condition. If a tree has already damaged your roof, you should get a roof repair to fix the problem quickly. 

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