Roofers: They're Number One

3 Potential Warning Signs That Indicate You Need A Residential Roof Replacement

The essence of a good roof cannot be overstated. Apart from keeping you and your loved ones safe from elements and intruders, it greatly affects your warmth at night. The only challenge lies in identifying signs showing you need a residential roof replacement. Some of these are subtle and can't easily be noticed. Others may be obvious. Contact a roofer to ensure your roof keeps you protected for a longer period. These technicians will inspect your house's top structure and tell you whether it's ripe for replacement. Here are three warning signs you should look out for:

1. Leaks

It isn't difficult to identify a leaking roof. If you visit your attic after rainfall and discover that there are signs of water penetration, chances are your roof is leaking. Ice dams may also be a red flag of a leaking roof. When the snow melts, water runs down the roof and may penetrate through the shingles causing damage to your home's structure. If the leaks haven't covered a wide area, you may be lucky because you won't have to replace your entire system. But if a greater part of your roof is damaged, you'll need a complete overhaul. Residential roofers know how to identify leaks and fix them. They'll inspect your roof and check the extent of destruction before recommending the best actions. 

2. Mold and Algae Growth

These two fungi grow in areas that are damp and humid. Although your plumbing may be the great culprit for the growth of these elements, a damaged and leaky roof could also make them sprout. The worst thing about algae is that it can eat the shingles and cause the roof to rot. You're likely to find it in the gutters because of the constant presence of water in this structure. Mold can also cause an ugly appearance and bleach your roof's paint.

Roofers have the right chemicals to eliminate fungi growth. But if they've already caused corrosion or rotting on your roof, they'll replace them. During this process, contractors will ensure there's adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling on the roof and gutters.

3. Cracks

Strong winds can crack your shingles. If many shingles of your roof undergo this type of damage, replacing the entire system may be prudent. It's advisable to contact a residential roofer if you notice any cracks on your roof. They'll inspect the whole system and look at the extent of damage the holes have caused in your home. If the damage is extensive, they'll tell you the right roofing materials to use. 

It is advisable to pay attention to signs showing your roof requires replacement. If you identify them earlier and contact a residential roofer on time, they'll address the problems before they destroy your house's structure and other components. Look into residential roof replacement for more information.

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Roofers: They're Number One

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