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Is Your New Roof Leaking? Here Is Why It Happens And What To Do About It

Imagine spending thousands of dollars to install a new roof, only to wake up to leaks. That would certainly be exasperating, to say the least. Though this is a rare occurrence, a new roof can leak for various reasons, like poor DIY work. But, while leaks are normally easy to fix, it's good that you don't ignore what seems to be a minor leak; otherwise, you'll soon be dealing with other issues like rotting and mold growth. Instead, you should call in a certified roofing contractor right away to fix leaks. Keep on reading to find out more about leaks in a new roof.

Reasons Behind Leaks

The most probable reason your new roof is leaking is that you did the installations all by yourself. Perhaps you wanted to cut down on the installation costs, so you ran through several roof installation videos and thought you could do it. Unfortunately, DIY roof installations often lead to many mistakes and some issues. For example, you might fail to install the flashing's metal strips correctly. As a result, your roof may start leaking since the joints are not properly sealed.

The other reason a new roof may start leaking is if the shingles or tiles are cracked. This happens when you are too hasty with the DIY installations. As a result, you may step on a few shingles and leave them cracked. And while you might not be aware of the consequences of your actions, the results will soon be evident when it starts raining.

Also, your roof needs to be well insulated to prevent leaks. Part of this involves proper insulation of the seams. And since a single insulation membrane is not long enough to go around the entire roof, they have to be overlapped to fit the whole roof. If you are not careful, you may leave spaces that could result in a leak.

What to Do About the Leak

The first step to take is to remove all your items where the leak is happening. After that, look for a temporary solution, such as placing a bucket to collect the water before contacting a roofing contractor to fix the issue. Unless the damage happens at the manufacturing stage, be ready to cater to the repair costs.

A new roof installation is not something that you would want to handle by yourself. As seen above, many things could go wrong. So for your peace of mind and to minimize the installation costs, always hire a certified roofing contractor. Look into a business like Iconic Roofing  LLC for more information.

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