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Signs Your Tile Roof Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Tile roofs are really long-lived, especially when compared to shingle roofs. This can cause homeowners to grow a little complacent and figure that their tile roofs will last forever. Sadly, though, tile roofs do eventually succumb to damage and require new tile installation. Here are some signs that indicate your tile roof needs work.

Cracked Tiles

If you see cracked tiles but have not noticed any leaks, you might figure your roof is okay. And it might be — for a while. Tile roofs are installed over a waterproof barrier. This barrier keeps water out if any of the tiles do break. However, the waterproof barrier will eventually wear away if it is constantly exposed to water. So, you really want to have the cracked tiles replaced to prevent this from happening. If your roofer removes the cracked tiles and finds that the waterproof barrier is also in poor shape, they may recommend a new roof installation.

Musty Odors in the Attic

Leaks in tile roofs usually start out very small. Little drops of water may find their way through the waterproof barrier and end up in your attic. You may not see any actual, pooling water in the attic. But if there is a musty odor, then water is finding its way in — at least a little. A roofing contractor can take a look and find out if the leak is isolated to one area that can be repaired. If there are lots of tiny leaks all over, replacing the tile roof might be better.

Chunks of Tile in the Gutters

If you cannot see much of your tile roof from the ground, you may not be able to spot broken or damaged tiles. But checking inside the gutters isn't too difficult. See if there are any chunks of tile in the gutters, or if you notice any pieces of tile near the openings to your downspouts. Even if these pieces of tile are small, they do indicate that your roof is breaking down and needs some attention. Your gutters probably need to be cleaned out, too!

Tile roofs do last a long time, but they don't last forever. It can be really hard to tell, as a homeowner, whether your tile roof needs to be replaced or just repaired. But if you notice any of the issues above and call a roofer, they can make an informed recommendation in this regard.

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