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Ask Your Roofing Contractor To Help You Decide If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Roof

If your roof is leaking and it's also several years old, you may need to decide if you want to spend money on repairs or just get a new roof. This might be a tough decision since roofs are so expensive. You'll probably need the help of a roofing contractor to make up your mind. Here are some things the roofing contractor might do.

Evaluate The Damage

The decision to replace or repair your roof may rest on how much damage your roof has. If the leak can be repaired by patching a small hole and putting on a few new shingles, then you might get more time out of your roof before it has to be replaced. Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof for damage to determine what has to be done to keep your roof in good shape.

Then they can look over the roof and give you an estimate of how long you have until it should be replaced. The upcoming season might matter since winter can be hard on roofs due to snow, so you may not want to head into winter with a worn-out roof.

Assess The Amount Of Granules Left On The Roof

As your asphalt shingle roof ages, it loses granules from the shingles. This happens due to foot traffic, animals scampering on the roof, branches brushing the roof, wind, rain, and snow. When the granules are nearly worn off, your shingles no longer have protection from UV damage, so they age faster.

If the roofing contractor sees that most of your roof's granules are gone, they may recommend you get a new roof as soon as possible. In that case, a roof replacement might be better than roof repairs.

Check The Sturdiness Of The Deck

When your roof leaks, there's a possibility the deck will get wet and rot too. When the deck rots, it gets spongy. This is a dangerous problem since you might fall through the deck if you walk on it when it's rotted. Even worse, the deck might collapse in the rotted area during a storm.

Since a rotted deck is a hazard, the roofing contractor will recommend that your roof is either repaired or replaced right away. If the rotted area is small, repairs might suffice. If a large part of the deck is rotted, the contractor might suggest replacing your roof instead and starting over with all new decking and roofing materials.

When deciding if replacing or repairing your roof is best, compare the cost of each and then factor in how much life is left in your roof. Making the right decision might be challenging when you know you'll have to replace the roof soon anyway, but your roofer may offer advice and come up with a repair plan that can squeeze more life from your roof so you can replace it when it's more convenient to your budget.

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