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5 Warning Signs Your Home Needs New Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are underrated. Year after year, they collect rainwater and direct it away from your house; thus, safeguarding your roof and property from water damage. However, you probably don't even give them much thought.

While cleaning and maintaining your rain gutters can enhance their longevity, there comes a time when they simply need to be replaced. Below are five signs it's time to replace your rain gutters.

Your Gutters Have Cracks or Holes

While minor cracks or holes in your rain gutters may not seem like a big deal at first, they can grow with time to cause significant damage. Instead of water flowing through the gutters, it penetrates through the cracks into your front door, siding, or driveway. The area where the water falls will be slicker, causing a serious safety issue for you and your family. 

Call a rain gutter specialist to inspect your gutters when you see cracks or holes. They may be able to fix small cracks through a patch-up and repair job, but large cracks will necessitate a complete gutter replacement.

Your Gutters Are Sagging 

Typically, gutters will begin to sag when they are full of water or excess weight. If your gutters are full of water, it could indicate a clog, and gutter cleaning is needed to fix the issue. But if there is no clog, the gutter system you have may be inappropriate for your home, and you'll need to replace it. 

Sometimes sagging occurs when the fasteners connecting the rain gutters to your home wear out. Re-fastening the fasteners may not work, so in this case, consider getting new gutters. 

Your Gutters Are Rusty

Gutters made of galvanized steel usually rust when the protecting coating around them comes off. The rust gets worse with time, and your gutters may start to leak. Don't wait until the leaks start to replace the gutters. Take a preventative step and get new rain gutters as soon as you notice any signs of rust. 

The Paint Is Peeling Off

Painting your gutters protects them from water or moisture that can cause rust. If the paint is peeling off, that's a clear indication that water or moisture damage is occurring to the gutters. If left ignored, the water damage will cause the gutters to spill water into your home. Repainting the gutters may not help as it doesn't address the water damage. The most effective solution is to replace the gutters. 

You Can See Water Spots Under Your Gutters

Sometimes the cracks or holes in your gutters are invisible. They might even be located on the side of the house, making them extremely difficult to spot. However, if you're keen, you can see water spots on the side of your house just behind the gutters. These spots can lead to mildew growth or property damage over time. The good news is that after replacing your gutters, the water spots will slowly dry out. 

Contact a local roofing company to learn more.

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