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How Bad Weather Affects Your Roof

Different seasons have intense weather conditions that affect the integrity of your roofing materials. However, you may be unaware of the extent of the damage until some time passes. 

Therefore, you must perform regular maintenance to identify problems and repair any damages as soon as possible to avoid extreme havoc. Read on to learn how different weather elements affect your roof to understand how you can protect your roof.

Heavy Rain

Ideally, your roof is your home's first line of defense and keeps you safe from extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains. Nonetheless, heavy rain affects the integrity of your roof over time. Specifically, if you do not care for your roof, water will seep into your house, causing damage.

Some of the indicators that you can check to see if your roof has rain damage include:

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Holes in the roofing materials

  • Displaced shingles

  • Weed growth in gutters

  • Rotting wood

  • Pools of precipitation

If you notice any rainwater damage, contact a residential roof repair company to undertake repairs. In addition, you should schedule regular maintenance to prepare your roof against heavy rain damage.


Snow builds up on top of your roof. Regardless of the aesthetic effect, it may cause a lot of damage to a roof, especially if the snow is heavy and your roof is already weak. If you do not remove the snow, it may cause ice dams that block melting snow from draining off your roof. As a result, you may have cracks, cave-ins, or leaks on your roof. Therefore, if snow is not draining appropriately, consult a residential roof repair company about repairing any existing damage and removing the ice.


The wind is one of the weather conditions that causes the most damage to your roof. Whether it's a hurricane, tornado, or strong wind, it can deteriorate your roof within a short period.

In this case, the wind may rip off shingles and loosen your gutter system or tiles. Nonetheless, your roof will lose its structural frame if the wind has a high speed. Thus, you must inspect your roof often because the damage is not visible unless it is extreme.


Extreme weather conditions affect your roof and can cause adverse damage if you don't remedy the situation soon. Therefore you should schedule a regular roof inspection and maintenance to ensure that your roof is strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. This move prevents damage to your roof, ensuring that it lasts longer.

However, in case of any roof damage from extreme weather elements, reach out to your local residential roof repair company, such as Living Hope Roofing, to learn more.  

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