Roofers: They're Number One

5 Things To Look For In A Roofing Estimate

Because replacing a roof is a significant cost for any home or business owner, it's important to get a thorough, reliable estimate for the work. What should you look for in your roofing estimate to ensure this? Here are a few key components to expect.

1. Breakdown of Labor

Roofing estimates generally itemize the costs of labor for various parts of the process. This is partially because factors can change once more of the existing roof is removed. So, rather than simply receiving one total price or even just a total labor price, you should be able to see how the different potential roof elements all affect labor costs. 

2. Potential Decking Costs

The decking is the layer of wood underneath all the other layers (such as underlayment and shingles). Although the roofer can access the shingles and underlayment when estimating, they may not know the extent of decking damage until they get other layers removed. They will provide a potential plan if it needs extensive work as well. 

3. Multiple Layer Plans

If you see only details about one layer — the shingles — being replaced, ask questions about the other layers. Lower layers, such as the underlayment and decking, don't always need replacement since they are often hardier than shingles. But be sure to ask about them in order to avoid costly surprises later. 

4. Timeline Information

How long would it take to complete your job? This is an important question for many reasons. If your roof needs replacing due to repairs or serious structural problems, any delays could worsen moisture problems or leaks. And once work commences, it will be a disruption in your life. So you want to understand how long you'll wait and how long the actual work will require. 

5. Guaranty and Warranty

Finally, what guarantees come with the work? Performance guarantees usually take a couple of different forms. The roofing company itself should provide a guarantee of quality work. In addition, the materials usually come with their own manufacturer warranties. Find out what is included and how long these all last. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about any of these areas commonly covered by a good roof installation or repair estimate? Start by meeting with a roofer in your area today. Whether you need to replace your roof in a hurry or you have time to wait, this is the first step in ensuring the best outcome.

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