Roofers: They're Number One

4 Facts You Don't Know About Roofing

Each part of your home has a role to fulfill, including your roof. You have seen dozens of roofs, but you might not understand how complex the roofing system is. Here are four facts you probably don't know about your roof. 

Your Location Can Help Determine the Best Roofing Style

There are different roof types in the market. So, why do some houses in a specific location have the same roofing? This is because some roofs work best in different regions depending on the climate. For example, gable roofs are ideal for cold and snow climates and are best if you want to build an attic or add a vaulted ceiling.

On the other hand, a hipped roof is ideal if you live in a windy region since they are more resistant. They have four slopes with equal length on all sides, making them effective in windy areas.

Roof Flashing Is the Weakest Spot

During a roof installation, the roofers will install a thin metal called a roof flashing to help redirect water. Unknown to most homeowners, the flashing is the weakest point of your roof, and it could easily cause leaks, especially if there are damaged shingles on the roof.

So, if you have flashing installed on your roof, regularly inspect the roof to detect any damaged shingles. The leaks can cause additional issues over time that could be expensive to repair. 

Reed Is an Effect Weatherproof Material for Your Roof

A weatherproof roof shields your home during extreme weather conditions, including the exceedingly hot summers. The roofs can withstand hail and high winds, preventing property loss. Reed is a common weatherproofing material used on roofs. It was used a while ago when people used thatched houses, and reed prevented water from leaking and snow from slipping through the cracks.

You Might Pay More to Insure Wood Roofs

Wood is an excellent roofing material since it is aesthetically pleasing, offers a unique style, and offers unbeatable insulation. However, it might cost more to insure a wooden roof. As you build your home, ensure the roofing is up to standard and meets the codes and regulations.

Home insurance companies charge more for wood roofs because of the increased fire risk. Take additional safety precautions to remain safe in the event of a fire or other unforeseen risks.  Understanding these facts will make it easier to take care of your roof, a significant investment in your home. Take care of your roof, and schedule residential roofing services to extend the durability of your roof.

Contact a local roofer to learn more. 

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Roofers: They're Number One

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