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What Steps Are Involved In Properly Maintaining Your Home's Gutters?

When it comes to home gutter maintenance, one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is thinking that removing debris from the gutters is all that is needed to correctly maintain their gutters. While removing debris is extremely important, it is only one of the steps involved in properly maintaining your gutters. Read on to learn the steps you should follow to properly maintain your home's gutters.  

Removing Debris From the Gutter Trough

The first step in home gutter maintenance is to remove debris from the gutters. This includes removing leaves, sticks, bird nests, mud, or other elements that may sit in the gutter trough. These items can impede the flow of water through the trough, so they need to be removed. 

Removing Debris From the Downspout

In addition to removing debris from the gutter trough, you need to remove debris from the downspout. If the downspout is clogged, water from the trough has nowhere to go. You may need to spray pressurized water in the downspout to remove clogs or use a long stick, such as the end of a broom handle, to break up any clogs that may be present. 

Cleaning the Gutter Trough

Once the debris is removed from the gutters, you will want to clean the gutters. You can use dish soap, white vinegar, or even a small amount of diluted bleach to remove residue and debris from the gutters. This helps to remove acidic bird droppings or mildew and algae growth that can shorten the life span of your gutters. 

Looking for Signs of Rust on the Gutters

As you are cleaning the gutters, take the time to look for signs of rust on the gutters. Rust can be inside the gutter troughs or on the outside of the gutters. If a small amount of rust is present, you may be able to remove it yourself. If a large amount of rust is present, you may need to have the section of the gutters replaced. 

Ensuring Water Flows Through the Gutters

The last step to home gutter maintenance is to ensure water flows properly through your gutters. After cleaning your gutters, add some water to the gutter trough. See if the water flows through the gutters, while also looking for any water that is leaking from the gutter seams. If you notice any leaks, you need to have your gutters repaired or replaced. 

Home gutter maintenance is important to ensure your gutters last and to ensure the water that falls from the roof can be carried away from the home through the gutter system. If you are unable to care for your gutters yourself, a home gutter maintenance company can remove debris, clean your gutters, and look for signs of damage for you. Reach out to a home gutter maintenance company, such as CB Gutter Cleaning, today to learn more. 

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