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4 Signs That You Need To Change Your House Siding

One of the choices homeowners need to make during home renovations is what siding to use. Your home's siding should protect the building from the weather elements without easily suffering damage. It is also aesthetically appealing, enhancing your residence's beauty and, consequently, its value. There are several signs that you need new house siding, and they include:


As you walk around your residence's perimeter, you may notice that the siding is rotting away, likely due to moisture trapped over time. It indicates that the siding has deteriorated and can no longer serve its purpose effectively. Damage can also manifest as cracks on the siding. Unfortunately, small cracks can worsen over time, eventually causing pieces to start falling off. In addition, your siding may be vulnerable to damage caused by animals like birds, especially if you live near a wooded area. This occurs as they seek shelter and warmth under the siding. Regardless of the cause, to avoid escalation, you are advised to consult a siding contractor regarding a replacement when you first observe the damage.

Worn-Out Paint

Siding that has faded significantly is indicative that its weatherproofing properties are worn out. As a result, it is rendered ineffective, and it's, therefore, wise to consider a replacement. Another sign is if you find that you're repainting your siding more frequently to address issues such as peeling or cracking paint. Generally, if your siding needs a fresh coat of paint within a couple of years, it could be compromised in a way that painting may not resolve. Thus, hire a siding specialist to perform an inspection and implement a long-term solution.

Increased Energy Bills

Ineffective siding may be the culprit if your utility bills appear to rise over your household's usual usage because it plays a role in helping your house retain heat during the winter and keep it out during summer. Therefore, if you notice an increased need to turn on your air conditioner, it may be due to your siding not fulfilling this role as it should. Thus, consult a siding specialist for a replacement, facilitating better temperature regulation in your home.

Mold Growth

Mold and other forms of biological growth may appear due to moisture on your siding. Accordingly, when conducting an inspection, the professional pays particular attention to the siding's seams as these are likely areas for such growth. If left unchecked, this growth spreads and, in severe cases, causes structural damage to your house. Fortunately, a siding replacement can prevent the compromised component from affecting your home, helping save you money on repairs.

If your house siding is showing the above signs, you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Hire a local siding contractor for more info. 

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