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3 Signs You Should Schedule Roof Hail Damage Repair Services

A roof is integral to any building; it offers shelter and protection from harsh weather conditions. While roofing systems are designed to last several decades, they are bound to experience occasional wear and tear. In most instances, the damage results from adverse weather conditions.

A common condition that causes roof damage is hail during a bad storm. The pellets of frozen raindrops could damage your shingles and compromise their integrity, resulting in a leaky, worn-out roof. Even the slightest damage could result in more significant problems requiring a roof replacement. Thus, it is prudent to identify them and make repairs as soon as possible. Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate you should schedule roof hail damage repair services. 

Granule Loss 

Granules are tiny bits of course material located at the surface of your shingles. They add an aesthetic appeal to asphalt shingles and protect them from UV rays and other adverse elements that result in the shingles' premature aging. While the granules should stay attached to your shingles for as long as possible, the impact from hail propelled by wind during a storm could knock your granules loose and displace them, compromising your roof's structure. You can tell your roof has undergone such damage when you notice a significant amount of shingle granules in your gutters and backyard after heavy rains. Alternatively, you could climb on the roof and check if your shingles are missing some granules. Remember to take safety precautions when climbing the roof to avoid accidents.

Cracks in the Shingles

A heavy hail rain on your roofing system could cause considerable damage, resulting in cracked shingles. The damage can lead to more significant wear and tear and bare spots on your roofing system. As such, you will experience leaks and open your home to rodents, which puts your comfort and safety at risk. You can spot damaged shingles while viewing your rooftop from the driveway. In some instances, heavy storms may blow the cracked shingles from the roof, and you may spot them around the house. Contact roof hail damage repair services before you lose a significant part of your roofing system and are forced to make costly repairs or, worse, a roof replacement.

Dented Gutters

Roof hail damage is not only discernable by observing the features of the roof itself. You can also tell whether your roof sustained damage by looking at the surrounding components, such as your gutters. If the gutters have visible dents on their sides, it is probably time to contact roof hail damage repair services. The dents indicate the velocity and strength of the hails' impact on the roof after a storm.

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