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When You Should Go Ahead With A Roof Replacement Mid-Winter

Winter is a difficult season for roof replacements. The weather is cold, which tends to make shingles stiff. It also makes it harder for roofers to move around. If there is snow, the roofers need to worry about clearing it and keeping it out of your attic space. With all that being said, however, most roofing companies can and do replace roofs mid-winter when doing so is needed. But when should you replace your roof mid-winter rather than waiting till spring? Take a look.

Your roof is actively letting water into your attic.

Is your roof leaking in a few places, resulting in puddles or pools of water in your attic? Water damage can escalate quickly. Having water in your attic for a few days is one thing, but having it up there for months on end is quite another. Even in the chilly winter, this can lead to mold growth, which can be quite costly to remediate. If you have the roof replaced mid-winter, you will put an end to this moisture infiltration and save yourself the expense of a major attic cleanup project.

Your roof has a lot of loose parts that could get caught in the wind.

If you see lots of lifted shingles or panels on your roof, this is a sign you should have it replaced sooner rather than later. Winter storms often come with wind, and the wind will catch under the edges of those damaged panels to blow them straight off the roof. Not only will this leave your roof prone to leaks, but it will make a mess all over your yard, and possibly your neighbors' yards. It's wise to have the roof replaced before the next winter storm makes it an emergency situation.

Your energy bills have skyrocketed.

As a roof deteriorates, it becomes less energy efficient. If you're missing some roofing materials and it is lifted in other areas, it might lead to increased energy bills. Rather than pay these high energy bills all winter, you can opt to replace the roof ASAP. You'll at least save some money on heat for the last few months of winter, which would not be the case if you waited to replace the roof.

Sometimes, a roof replacement can wait until the weather is better. But other times, you really are best off replacing a leaking, damaged, or energy-inefficient roof in the middle of winter. 

For more info about roof replacement, contact a local company. 

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