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4 Signs Your Roof Could Collapse

A roof collapse is one of the worst things that can happen to your roof. It is also one of the most costly and dangerous things that can happen as well. The good news is that before a roof collapses, it usually gives signs that it is about to do so. Here are some of the major warning signs that your roof is about to collapse. 

Sagging Shingles and Ceiling

The most blatant sign that your roof is about to collapse is when the exterior section of the roof starts sagging. You may also notice that your ceiling begins to sag as well. If you suspect that there is sagging, then you need to get a roof inspection done immediately.

You can do a preliminary inspection yourself but it is not recommended that you walk on the roof. Take a ladder if you can and inspect it from a distance. If it does look like it is sagging, then get professional help immediately.

Cracks in Exterior

Once there are cracks from the top of your wall near the roof down to the foundation, it is a sign that your roof is about to collapse. At the very least, cracks in the exterior wall mean that there is some structural damage taking place in your home. Get this looked after by a professional roofer as soon as you can.

Constant Leaking

There is no more ominous sign that your roof is about to collapse than when you have leaks that need to be fixed consistently. Constant leaks despite repairs point to a need for roof replacement. Additionally, having to constantly repair leaks is taxing on your pocket. You may end up spending more to fix leaks than you would have if you simply got the roof inspected and repaired as needed.

Door Frames Are Warped

If your door frames appear to be warped in some way, this often means that there is too much pressure on the roof and its support structure. This pressure is being passed on to the door frames and is a major sign that your roof may collapse.

The signs of roof collapse are very hard to miss, if you are observant you can spot them quickly. Once you notice any of them you need to call in a roofing expert to inspect your roof. They will tell you for sure if your roof is about to collapse.

Contact a local residential roofer to learn more. 

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