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About Ceiling Stains From A Damaged Roof

A stained ceiling is unappealing and can make the interior of a home look less appealing. As unappealing as the stains may be, a homeowner should focus on why they are on the ceiling. The reason is because stains are usually caused by a water leak, which could stem from roof damage. Repairing stained drywall without resolving the water leak is a waste of time, as water will eventually stain the ceiling again. If you have such a problem in your home, get your roof inspected so a roofer can determine if your roof needs repairs.

Have You Seen Small Pebbles on the Ground?

Sometimes roof damage can be spotted from the ground, such as when small pebbles fall from the roof. If you have noticed small pebbles accumulating on your property, they might be the granules from the shingles. It is common for granules to fall to the ground and fill the rain gutters when shingles are in bad condition. The presence of granules on the ground is a sign that it is time for a professional roof inspection. Shingles might need to be replaced, along with other roof repairs.

When Was Your Roof Last Repaired?

If your roof has not undergone repairs in a long time, it is another sign that a professional inspection is due. It is important for a roof to be assessed up close to find damage that is hidden under the shingles. An up close inspection requires walking on the roof, which is safer to hire a roofer to perform. Even if you perform the assessment, you will not know how to properly look for damage. A roofer knows how to safely walk on a roof that is sloped, as well as how to determine the severity of damage that is present.

Is There Any Water Leaking from the Ceiling?

Have you noticed drops of water falling from the stains in your ceiling? Even if there are only a few small drops of water leaking when it rains outside, it is a serious problem. As the water accumulates within the ceiling, eventually the drywall will deteriorate, soften, or fall down. A professional roof inspection might include an assessment of your ceiling, as a ceiling can provide an idea of the extent of damage that a roof has. Due to your ceiling being badly stained and the possibility of there being severe roof damage, do not delay getting your roof inspected.

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