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2 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Color Of The Shingles You Want Installed On Your Home's Roof

After deciding that your home's roof is too worn or damaged to continue protecting the house from the elements, you may have already decided that it is time to install a new one. When making decisions about the shingles you want to have installed, you may be trying to decide what materials and coatings you want for the new roof. 

While making your choices, you should not neglect to think about what color the shingles should be, as this can play a role in how your roof functions. Below are a couple of factors to consider when trying to choose a color for the shingles you want to have installed on your home's new roof.

1. Consider the Average Weather Conditions for Your Home's Area

One thing that you should consider when choosing the color of your shingles is the type of weather conditions that are typical for your home's area. Think about how hot the summers get when compared to how cold the winters are.

If the summer sun blazes throughout the season, you may want to opt to have lighter shingles installed that reflect the rays to keep your home cooler. In contrast, if you have trouble keeping your house warm during the winter months, choose darker-colored shingles that will absorb the sun's rays earlier in the day.

2. Think About the Overall Characteristics of Your Home's Roof

Another factor you should consider when choosing the color of your new roof's shingles is how the roof itself is constructed. Think about the overall characteristics of the roof, such as how tall it is in contrast with your home and how many dips and valleys are present.

If the roof's height seems too high for the rest of your house, for example, darker colors will minimize the inconsistent sizes. If you want to put emphasis on the peaks, on the other hand, lighter colors would be more suitable.

While you are getting ready to have a new roof installed on your house, the color of the shingles can play a key role in how the roof affects both your home's exterior and interior. You should consider the weather conditions for your home's area to determine whether light or dark shingles would be more appropriate as well as think about the structure's characteristics to choose a color that enhances the roof's curb appeal. 

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