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Benefits And Selection Of Flat Roof Coatings

Flat roofs are relatively inexpensive and provide extra space for different uses, such as HVAC systems and relaxation areas. You may need to apply roof coatings regularly to enjoy the benefits of your flat roof. 

The Benefits

Flat roof coatings offer multiple benefits. Below are three of these benefits.

1. Prevents UV Degradation

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun degrade and dry roofing materials. The effects accumulate over time, weakening the roof and making it more susceptible to damage from other threats, such as wind and hailstorms. UV degradation also discolors some roofing materials. Flat roof coatings have ant-UV treatments that prevent UV absorption and related damage.

2. Seals Cracks and Seams

Over time, your flat roof's wear and tear can degrade the roof and crack some sections. The damaged roof sections will admit water, leading to further roof damage and causing water damage in the house. The seams or joints between different roof sections are particularly vulnerable to leaks. Flat roof coatings seal such seams and cracks to prevent leakages.

3. Improve Energy Efficiency

Some of the sun's energy penetrates the roof and heats your house during the summer. The extra energy forces your cooling system to overwork to cool your house. An overworked cooling system suffers energy inefficiency. Flat roof coatings reflect and absorb some heat so it doesn't affect the house, thus improving your home's energy efficiency.

Selection Criteria

Roofing manufacturers produce flat roof coatings with different materials and formulations. These differences give the coatings different strengths and make them suitable for different purposes. Below are tips for selecting the best coating for your roof.

Roof Drainage

Flat roof coatings can be either water-based or solvent-based. Water-based coatings are more susceptible to ponding water damage than solvent-based coatings. Thus, you should opt for solvent-based versions if your roof experiences water ponding.

Main Objective

Although flat roof coatings perform multiple functions, some are better at some functions than others. For example, some coatings are best for UV protection, while others are best for waterproofing. Let your main objective or purpose for the coating guide you in the selection.


The cost and application of flat roof coatings vary. Some coatings require multiple layers, and some take longer to apply than others, increasing their installation cost. For example, elastomeric coatings cost relatively less than silicone coatings. Your roofing contractor can guide you on the best coating for your budget.

To learn more about roofing, be sure to contact a professional near you.

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